Risk Management

Every day physicians are tasked with doing more for their patients while keeping costs down and improving health outcomes. This pressure can cause immense stress to your operation as well as your bottom line. At PharmCo we understand the performance measures you need to meet and that nearly half of your scores are dependent on patient adherence. At PharmCo, we have developed a risk management program for healthcare providers to take the burden of patient medication adherence off of your shoulders.

Our risk management team will work with you to review the adherence and compliance of your patients, their medication regimen, and the prescribing methods and trends of all of your patients’ healthcare providers. By unifying pharmacy services under one roof, we can see your patients’ complete health pictures and make recommendations to optimize medication regimens based on best practices, insurance formularies, and cost. Our on-going adherence and compliance monitoring ensures that your patients receive all of their prescriptions as prescribed and understand how to adhere to it to limit the risk of adverse health events.

Our program has a proven track record of improving provider performance scores and allowing providers to take advantage of bonus structures within risk contracts.

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Long Term Care

Many of our patients reside in long term care facilities, ranging from rehabilitation centers, to assisted living and skilled nursing homes. We understand that facilities face unique challenges when caring for their patients. We have developed systems specifically designed to meet the needs of long term care institutions and eliminate many of the struggles they face with medication administration. Our long term care customers can count on PharmCo for a dedicated representative knowledgeable in institutional processes. Our long term care solutions include same day delivery of emergency medications and quick processing of medication changes. We ensure that all prescriptions are properly labeled, unit-dose packaged, and organized to make it easier for you and your staff to administer. We also offer adherence pouch packaging, medication carts for storage and transportation, and a pharmacist consultant to guide providers on best prescribing practices.

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