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The smart 340B Drug Discount Program

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What is a 340B Pharmacy?

Covered entities who are part of the 340B Drug pricing program contract with 340B pharmacies to get the discounted drugs purchased on their behalf. At PharmcoRx we will give you all the reporting you need to be compliant, we will do same-day medication delivery and we will help you with audits.

What we offer

  • Full service pharmacy
  • Adherence Pouch Packaging available upon request
  • Dedicated customer service representative assigned to the clinic to answer any questions from physicians or patients
  • Discreet delivery services for patient privacy protection
  • Outreach Support, event sponsorship, educational seminars
  • Custom Compounds made on-site
  • Free same day/ next day delivery
  • Medication Therapy Management

340B Administration Support

  • Back end support
  • Twice Monthly Reports: Billing, Inventory, Replenishment
  • Claim-by-Claim Cost Analysis
  • Accounting support
  • Perpetual Inventory Reports
  • Replenishment Ordering
  • Reconciliations

Patients are now getting their PrEP delivered for free in Florida!

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