Patients serviced annually
Prescriptions delivered per year
Contracted by most insurance plans
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  • Providing prescription processing, dispensing, delivery, administration, management, return, reuse, and disposal of medications
  • Offering specialized MultiDose packaging solutions, OTC and Manufactures Discount programs, and Transitions of Care Post Discharge.
  • Participating in quality improvement initiatives and infection control programs
  • Providing clinical consultation and guidance on drug therapy issues and regulations
  • Conducting medication reconciliation and medication education for residents and caregivers
  • Providing immunization services and other preventive care measures
  • Offering medication therapy management (MTM) services to optimize medication use and outcomes
  • Coordinating pharmacy services with the facility staff, physicians, and other healthcare providers
Never miss a dose
Our logistics team provides medication dispatch twice a day to our long-term care partners in Florida as well as 24/7 emergency trips
Smart Pack
Our long-term care medication packaging system simplifies chronic care medication management
Chat with a pharmacist
Our pharmacist chat is open on an extended schedule seven days a week. We're just a text away!

At PharmcoRx Long Term Care

We strive to

being a resource for

Long term care and post-acute care

24/7 emergency support and twice-a-day medication delivery as well as comprehensive reporting for your control.

simplify the process for

Senior living facilities

Our team will visit your facility to go over of your exact pharmacy needs. We will define your goals and provide a scope of solutions tailored for your success.

continuous support for

PACE ORganizations

Never let your tenants run out of medications. Our team will make up to two visits per day to make sure all your pharmacy needs are met. Our pharmacists are always a text away!