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Smart Pack: the perfect solution to enhance medication adherence

PharmcoRx Pharmacy Smart-Pack  organizes even the most complex medication regimen into easy-to-use pouches so that your patients take only medications they need at the times they need them.

Increased Adherence

Smart-Pack for medical offices

Our Smart-Packs eliminate confusion and simplifies the medication program for your patients so that you can rest assured that they are sticking to plan you have prescribed.

PharmcoRx offers state-of-the-art packaging solutions to all patients.
Perfect for elderly patients with trouble managing their therapy
Increase adherence while minimize gaps in therapy
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Organize your medication in seconds.

Using Smart-Pack allows patients to stay medication adherent by taking only active medications and following correct directions.

Organize your therapy

SmartPack organizes medications as directed by the patient's provider, patients no longer have to think about what medication to take and what time of the day the medications have to be taken.

Less thinking, better outcomes

Each pouch has the Month, Date and the Time of the day the medications in the pouch have to be taken. No longer patient has the risk of taking extra doses and looking through each vial’s label to decide which medication has to be taken and when.

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Simple process to get your prescriptions delivered in a Medication Smart Pack

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