Customer Service

PharmcoRx believes its competitive advantage is to provide superior customer service to our customers. As a pharmacy that caters to those patients specialty, long term health care needs, we strive to go above and beyond what is expected of us to give our customers the attention and care they deserve.

For our specialty customers, we ensure packaging to meet their privacy needs and packaging options to suite their individual life styles. Many of our staff members have been trained in the needs of patients with acute illnesses with special concentration on those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Our team understands the needs of these patients that go beyond pharmaceuticals. We carry an extensive inventory of medications including some of the latest treatments for acute illnesses direct from manufacturers.

PharmCo takes a personal approach to customer service by providing personal attention to the doctors, clinics, LTC facilities and others who use our products and services to provide quality care for their patients. For example, on a monthly basis a PharmCo representative will consult with a facility or clinic to review drug interactions, eliminate redundancies in therapies, provide medication dispensing training and review and provide updates on new regulations. PharmCo’s institutional clients have come to rely on our proven accuracy, dispensing methods and immediate response time to allow them to provide continuation of care to their patients.

For all of our customers, we facilitate a strong line of communication between their doctors, their insurance providers, and their care givers. Members of our diverse, multi-lingual staff are on hand to assist with prior authorizations and refills.  Our staff often contacts insurance providers on behalf of a customer to determine coverage and help them navigate other financial assistance options provided by their insurance carriers

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