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Risk Management

Every day physicians are tasked with doing more for their patients while keeping costs down and improving health outcomes. This pressure can cause immense stress to your operation as well as your bottom line. At PharmCo we understand the performance measures you need to meet and that nearly half of your scores are dependent on patient adherence. At PharmCo, we have developed a risk management program for healthcare providers to take the burden of patient medication adherence off of your shoulders.

Our risk management team will work with you to review the adherence and compliance of your patients, their medication regimen, and the prescribing methods and trends of all of your patients’ healthcare providers. By unifying pharmacy services under one roof, we can see your patients’ complete health pictures and make recommendations to optimize medication regimens based on best practices, insurance formularies, and cost. Our on-going adherence and compliance monitoring ensures that your patients receive all of their prescriptions as prescribed and understand how to adhere to it to limit the risk of adverse health events.

Our program has a proven track record of improving provider performance scores and allowing providers to take advantage of bonus structures within risk contracts.

What can you expect from PharmCo?

  • Full Service Pharmacy, Custom Compounds, and Specialty Medications
  • Cost containment
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Unit Dose Packaging to Adherence packaging

One-Stop Pharmacy Services

As a full service pharmacy with thousands medications in stock and an on-site custom compounding lab, there is no need to recommend any other pharmacies to support your patients’ needs. We offer FREE same day and next day delivery, prior authorization and refill assistance, adherence packaging and monitoring, in-home consultations and pharmaceutical triage. All of these services are designed to reduce risk, decrease cost, and improve patient recovery and well-being.

Adherence Packaging

PharmCo offers state of the art packaging solutions to all patients. PharmCo Smart-Pack pouch packaging organizes even the most complex medication regimen into easy to use pouches so that your patients take only medications they need at the times they need them. Our Smart-Packs eliminate confusion and simplifies the medication program for your patients so that you can rest assured that they are sticking to plan you have prescribed.

image of our medication smart pack

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

PharmCo has been a trusted source of MTM services in South Florida. Our technicians have been recognized as top performers in Florida by Outcomes the leading MTM platform. Our MTM team routinely assess each individual patient’s medication regimen to find areas of improvement or optimization. We report our findings and recommendations directly to the physician so that adjustments can be made to improve the efficacy of prescribed medication and lower costs.

Full Service Pharmacy

PharmCo knows how important it is that you receive your medication fast! As a full-service pharmacy, we take pride in keeping thousands of medications in our inventory, always ready to deliver to you when you need them. This inventory includes a wide variety of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, pain management medications, and even premium, brand name pharmaceuticals for illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Cancer, etc. PharmCo offers free delivery to all of our patients and long term care facilities in the South Florida area!

**All orders received before 12:00 PM M-F are eligible for FREE same day delivery to the South Florida area.

Custom Compounds

Because compound treatments are often used in conjunction with current therapies, or as an alternative to a more traditional approach, PharmCo specializes in creating compound treatments for many ailments, ranging from diabetic neuropathy to nutritional deficiencies. Our staff consists of extensively trained and highly qualified licensed compounding technicians and pharmacists to work with you and your patients directly to formulate the absolute best compound to meet their needs, and we can create these formulas in many different convenient ways to use them, including creams, sprays, capsules and many more.

PharmCo proudly uses ONLY FDA approved or registered ingredients, as well as suppliers who are based in the USA. All compounds are custom blended by our staff right here in our Miami, FL location.

For more information on compound medications, please Contact Us

Specialty Medications

We at PharmCo know that certain illnesses require specialized and individual care. We specialize in providing this level of care by dispensing specialty medications for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and many other illnesses. Patients struggling with these and other sensitive conditions can count on PharmCo for its absolute discretion and professionalism, and our staff is expressly trained to meet the needs of patients who require special consideration and the utmost of accountable care.

Long Term Care

Many of our patients reside in long term care facilities, ranging from rehabilitation centers, to assisted living and skilled nursing homes. We understand that facilities face unique challenges when caring for their patients. We have developed systems specifically designed to meet the needs of long term care institutions and eliminate many of the struggles they face with medication administration. Our long term care customers can count on PharmCo for a dedicated representative knowledgeable in institutional processes. Our long term care solutions include same day delivery of emergency medications and quick processing of medication changes. We ensure that all prescriptions are properly labeled, unit-dose packaged, and organized to make it easier for you and your staff to administer. We also offer adherence pouch packaging, medication carts for storage and transportation, and a pharmacist consultant to guide providers on best prescribing practices.

DischargeRX- Hospital Transition Pharmacy Services and Adherence Monitoring

PharmCo’s propriety patient engagement program will ensure that hospital patients are receiving the best transitional care while preserving vital hospital resources. This program does not charge any additional fees to the patient or the hospital.

How does it work?

At time of discharge a PharmCo Representative will be available to meet with the patient to discuss their medicinal treatment options. This consultation will help us understand the patient, their healthcare needs, follow-up plans and current drug regimen.

After the consultation, recommendations may be made to optimize their prescription therapy through med synchronization and effective packaging options. The patient will be given a full overview of their prescriptions, uses, and best methods for staying on track with doses.

The hospital can then electronically submit all prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, fax them, or physically provide them to the PharmCo Representative on site. The patient will receive a delivery of all prescribed medications at their home on the same day as discharge and in the most effective packaging solution.

PharmCo’s customer service staff will then monitor the patient’s progress and keep abreast of their follow-ups with Primary Care and Specialist physicians and provide mitigation recommendation for medication related adverse reactions to prevent short term medication related readmissions.

Through PharmCo’s adherence packaging, proactive patient engagement model, and pharmacological expertise, the hospital can gain control over readmission risk and improve transitional care outcomes.

340B Drug Discount Program

PharmCo, LLC prides itself on the services it provides to vulnerable and underserved communities. We continue to commit ourselves to supporting South Florida’s uninsured and underinsured patients and providers by offering a suite of 340B services that aims to go above and beyond.

  • Full service pharmacy
  • Adherence Pouch Packaging available upon request
  • Dedicated customer service representative assigned to the clinic to answer any questions from physicians or patients
  • Discreet delivery services for patient privacy protection
  • Outreach Support, event sponsorship, educational seminars
  • Custom Compounds made on-site
  • Free same day/ next day delivery
  • Medication Therapy Management

340B Administration Support

  • Back end support
  • Twice Monthly Reports: Billing, Inventory, Replenishment
  • Claim-by-Claim Cost Analysis
  • Accounting support
  • Perpetual Inventory Reports
  • Replenishment Ordering
  • Reconciliations

Health Fair Sponsorship

In our ongoing effort to provide outstanding community resource support, PharmCo provides sponsorship and attendance for any and all Health and Wellness Fairs throughout the South Florida area. Whether your cause is Community Education, Neighborhood Wellness, or any religious or faith based mission, please contact PharmCo and allow us to provide information and support to your community awareness event.

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