Sexual and Wellness Compounds

Dear Prescriber,

Compounded medications can help treat a wide variety of sexual conditions including ED, hair loss, and weight loss. We can dispense most non-sterile compounds.

What sets compounds apart from many traditional treatments is that the latter tend to have side effects and can be addictive, while most compounded topical pain medication is the opposite, while still being significantly effective. Please allow us to take care of your patients' medications so they can take care of themselves.

Introducing our new Allergen Toothpaste
This treatment plan is the ultimate time and money saver.  Other treatment plans, such as weekly injection shots (SCIT) or sublingual drops (SLIT) are both costly and time consuming. However, with the prescription OMIT toothpaste, you can ​​now ​​​​brush away your allergies, by doing something you would have done, anyway as an activity of daily living - while saving time and money.


Some of our most common medications



Boric Acid




Nail fungus lacquer