Ready, Set, PrEP Program Explained

April 1, 2020

April is STD Awareness Month. It’s a time to spread knowledge of STDs, remove stigmas, and teach more people about the reality of the lives they impact.

We would particularly like to focus on the Ready, Set, PrEP program, and no-cost opportunities for PrEP medications it provides. This program is part of the larger “Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America”. The program’s goal is to reduce new HIV infections in the US by 75% in five years, by 90% come 2030, and to ultimately end the HIV epidemic in the US.  

What is PrEP?

PrEP, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a daily medication that can be taken to prevent HIV from taking hold and spreading in your body. To be the most effective, PrEP should be taken consistently. According to the CDC, it has been found that when taken daily, PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by ~99% and by ~74% among people injecting drugs.

Both Truvada® and Descovy® are medications approved for daily use as PrEP. PrEP is not a vaccine. It does not teach your body to fight off infections; rather, when taken daily, by being in your bloodstream, PrEp can help prevent HIV

Is PrEP right for me?

It might be. Here are some reasons why you might consider taking PrEP:

  • If you have had anal or vaginal sex in the past six months and:
  • Have had a sexual partner with HIV, or...
  • Have not regularly used a condom, or...
  • Have been diagnosed with an STD in the past six months.

PrEP helps you take control of your health. It is important to note, however, that PrEP only protects against HIV. You should still use condoms and practice safe sex to prevent other STDs.

The Ready, Set, PrEP Program explained

Over one million Americans are currently living with HIV, and a greater number still are at risk. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those who would be helped by PrEP can get a prescription for and afford the medication.

The Ready, Set, PrEP Program aims to provide PrEP medications at no cost to thousands of people who qualify. Its goal is to expand the knowledge about and access to these medications to aid in reducing new infections of HIV. In particular, the Ready, Set, PrEP program is aimed to help those who do not have coverage for prescription drugs.

Do I qualify for the Ready, Set, PrEP Program?

To receive PrEP medication at no cost through the Ready, Set, PrEP you must:

  1. Test negative for HIV;
  2. Have a valid prescription from your healthcare provider; and
  3. Not have health insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs.

How to enroll in Ready, Set, PrEP?

If you think that the Ready, Set, PrEP program, and PrEP is right for you and you’ve already discussed this with a health care provider to get a prescription, there are several methods you can go about applying.

You can apply online at or by phone at 855-447-8410.

You can also apply for the Ready, Set, PrEP program in person at your health care provider’s office or in a community health center near you.

To stay in the program, amongst other assessments, you will need to be re-tested for HIV every three months.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned before, with the Ready, Set, PrEP program, your medication will be free. However, there may be some fees associated with clinic visits and lab tests based on your income.

Where to fill your prescription

Starting today, April 1st, all patients enrolled in Ready, Set, PrEP will be able to fill their prescriptions by visiting our website and filling out this form or by calling us at:

PharmCo Rx Main Office (North Miami Beach, FL)

Toll Free: 888-919-7411

Tel: 305-919-7399

PharmCo Rx Palm Beach (Palm Springs, FL)

Tel: (561) 651-9393

FSRX (Orlando, FL)

Tel: 407-381-3085

PharmCo RX offers FREE Same-day or Next-day delivery, as well as discrete packaging for your PrEP medication needs.

If you would like more information

You can visit Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America, which will provide you not only with more information about the Ready, Set, PrEP program, but also a deeper dive into the steps that are being taken to end the HIV epidemic. is another excellent resource for more information about prevention, testing, treatment, and current research.

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