How PharmCo Rx Helps Doctors Manage Care

April 30, 2020

At PharmCo RX, we understand how much you have on your plate, and it's our goal to take some of that load off your shoulders.

Here are some ways PharmCo Rx help you manage care:

Medication Adherence

Making sure that your patients take the right dosage of their medications at the right time can be challenging, especially since you can't check on them every day.

That's why we created Smart Pack.

Smart Pack

Our Smart Packs simplify the medication program for your patients. Medications are organized in pouches, so your patients take only medications they need.

If your patients are on Smart Packs, it's easier for them to stick to the plan you have prescribed.

STATIN Therapies

STATIN therapies prevent complications from arising in patients with cardiovascular issues or diabetes.

Our pharmacists ensure that your patients always have the medications they need.

If these are missing when your patient picks up their prescriptions, it can cause serious issues.

We will let you know if a STATIN therapy is missing for those patients with diabetes or heart disease.

FREE Same-day delivery

We know how important it's for your patients to start on their medications right after being prescribed.

We believe there should be no reason for your patients to wait days to receive their medications.

PharmCo Rx offers free same-day delivery on most medications.

Instead of working with commercial carriers, we hand-deliver your medicines to your patients. This ensures that your patients always get their prescriptions on time.

We offer free same-day delivery to facilities and residents of the following counties:

  • Miami-Dade.
  • Broward.
  • Palm Beach.
  • Port St. Lucie.
  • Osceola.
  • Orange.
  • And Martin.

Medication Spending

Medications can be expensive, and for some patients, certain medications are unaffordable.

Generic Options

We offer generic options to help reduce your patients' medication spending. And when there is no AB equivalent, we will recommend generic therapeutic options.

Without affordable options, your patient may be unable to fill their prescription and stop taking it altogether.

By providing less expensive options, we can help keep your patients on track.

Supplying utilization reports to physicians and organizations

We create and supply medication utilization reports to physicians and organizations. We keep you updated with any changes to the medication or costs and how your patient is managing them.

Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge

Medication reconciliation is an essential element of patient safety. It can reduce the occurrence of adverse drug events.

But as a doctor, it's hard to closely monitor your patient after they are discharged.

The problem with treatment after discharge is that medication duplications can occur.

Getting rid of duplications in therapy

Because of that, we always check patient medications and look for any duplications. If we catch any, we let you know and correct their prescription. This ensures that your patients aren't taking duplicate medications that could cause adverse reactions.

Eliminating Gaps in Treatment

Sometimes patients run out of their medications. Some other times, they forget to pick up their prescriptions on time. This can cause them to miss a day or two of their treatment.

It's very easy for a patient to get off track without support.

We work to combat this by monitoring each patient's refill schedule and we either:

  • Remind them to pick up their medications on time or...
  • Deliver their refills right to their doors.

Rather than leaving it up to the patient to request refills, we monitor the entire refill process for you. If we notice that your patient needs a refill, we will start getting their refill ready.

We also keep track of your patient's refills to ensure that they are refilling on time. If they aren't, we will contact your office immediately so you can speak to them directly.

Additionally, if a refill authorization is needed, we notify your office immediately. It's easy for patients to miss doses if they cannot easily request a refill.

Simplifying your patient's treatment program is easier when you are working with PharmCo Rx.

Our open line of communication ensures that your patients are not missing refills.

PharmCo Rx supports doctors and patients to allow for better medication management.

If you're interested in learning more, contact us today by calling us at (888) 919 - 7411.

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