What PharmcoRx Can Do For Your plan.

Welcome to PharmcoRx Pharmacy, the partner healthcare organizations trust for managing risk and improving patient outcomes.
Our focus is on increasing medication adherence through our convenient and reliable same-day free delivery service, improving brand to generic ratio, and proactively identifying and addressing missed prescriptions for patients with chronic conditions.We understand that managing risk is essential for healthcare organizations, and we are committed to supporting you in this effort. Our team of dedicated professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services and support to ensure your patients get the medication they need, when they need it.

Our same-day free delivery service ensures that your patients receive their medications quickly and conveniently, reducing the risk of missed doses and improving adherence. Our focus on improving brand to generic ratio helps to lower costs for patients and healthcare organizations. And our proactive approach to identifying and addressing missed prescriptions for patients with chronic conditions helps to ensure that these patients receive the care they need to manage their conditions effectively.

At PharmcoRx Pharmacy, we are dedicated to improving patient outcomes and managing risk for healthcare organizations. We look forward to working with you to achieve these goals. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in care.

Example of Brand to Generic Report from PharmcoRx Pharmacy

Manage your practice's risk

We take a holistic approach to our members health by identifying and closing gaps in care.


Impact medication adherence and HEDIS measures through our enhanced pharmacy platform


Manage overall healthcare spend by minimizing cost associated with medications

Be on top of your practice's performance
Enhanced Reporting for Managed Risk
Brand to Generic Ratio

Keep cost down with available generic alternatives

Patient Adherence

We offer a diverse set of adherence tools including SMART PACK medication packaging

Post-Discharge Reconciliation

Normalize patients medication therapy after a hospital visit

*Example of brand analysis provided to medical offices. Not real data.

Pharmacy Services for Payors

Risk Management: No more impactable failing patients
PharmCo understands the importance of providing excellent, high quality medical care while minimizing excess use of healthcare dollars. Our risk management team will work with you and your healthcare providers to review the adherence and compliance of patients with the prescribed medication regimen and the physicians’ prescribing methods and trends.

As a 5-Star pharmacy, you can count on us to make recommendations based on best practices, current preferred formularies, and cost effectiveness. We will support your contracted providers with managing patient health risks and deliver pharmacy services to patients that go above and beyond simply providing medications.

Our pro-active patient engagement model and advanced suite of pharmacy services has been designed to reduce readmission risk, decrease adverse health events, lower costs, increase adherence, and improve health and wellbeing of your beneficiaries.
PharmCo prides itself on staying in compliance with all rules and regulations. We make sure that we work with physicians and patients to ensure that all documentation is complete and accurate. We have zero to low audit recoupments and high performance scores because we conduct regular training and compliance oversight within the pharmacy. Our regular training meetings discuss topics such as ophthalmic and insulin calculations, note taking, DAW codes, brand vs. generic, high risk medications, prior authorization documentation, prescription completeness, data accuracy and integrity, FWA, and HIPAA.
Medication Therapy Management
PharmcoRx works steadily to ensure that all of our patients receive the best and most optimal health care possible. Our team will assess what medications are prescribed, and compare them to which medications are actually being taken in accordance with the prescription instructions. We will then report directly to the physician, to eliminate and reduce any obstacles creating non-compliance in the medication therapy, or to remove any challenges posed by conflicting medications in the patient´s individual medication plan.

PharmcoRx will work closely with all of our health care providers to ensure that the best possible medication therapy is being prescribed to most effectively work within the patient´s compliance limitations, as well as minimizing excess costs for the insurance providers, and to the patients themselves.
Compliance/Adherence Monitoring
At PharmCo we understand that patients who are not adherent with their recommended prescription regimen are at higher risk for a negative health event.

This risk leads to increased use of healthcare services such as hospitalizations, readmissions, urgent care visits, and specialist consultations.

Through PharmCo’s hands-on approach to patient interactions and complete portfolio of pharmacy services, we are able to monitor adherence and make recommendations to patients, care givers and physicians about making improvements to reduce healthcare risks.

According to EQuIPP, between 92-98% of PharmCo patients with chronic conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes are adherent based on 2020 data.
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