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Full Service Pharmacy

As a full-service pharmacy, we take pride in keeping over 2,500 unique medications in our inventory so that you can always get what you need when you need it. We offer FREE same day delivery services to facilities and residents of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties in Florida. All orders received before 2:00 PM Monday through Friday and emergency medications like antibiotics are eligible for FREE same day delivery.

Specialty Medications

We at PharmCo know that certain illnesses require specialized and individual care. We specialize in providing this level of care by dispensing specialty medications for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and many other illnesses. Patients struggling with these and other sensitive conditions can count on PharmCo for its absolute discretion and professionalism, and our staff is expressly trained to meet the needs of patients who require special consideration and the utmost of accountable care.

Custom Compounds

PharmCo is proud to offer compounds specially formulated and created individually for each patient. Compound treatments are often used in conjunction with current therapies, or as alternative to a more traditional approach. Compounds can be used for many ailments ranging from diabetic neuropathy to nutritional deficiencies, pain management to hormone replacement. We will work directly with your doctor and insurance to find a solution that works for you at lowest possible out-of-pocket cost.

Each PharmCo compound is created on-site in North Miami Beach by a team of specially trained technicians and pharmacists. These compounds use only FDA approved and FDA registered ingredients.

To find out if a compound may be right for you or for more information, please contact us

PharmCo Smart-Pack

PharmCo understands that managing a medication regimen can be difficult. We offer convenience packaging that takes all the guess work out of taking a multi-drug treatment protocol. No more sorting. No more planning. No more math. No more missed doses. PharmCo Smart-Packs organize your medications and supplements by dosage, time, and amount so that each pouch has just what you need at the time you need it. Pouches can be customized with the information you want so that you can stay on track. PharmCo Smart-Packs are provided free of charge.

If you are a South Florida resident and your medication changes, just call us. We will pick up your Smart-Packs for free and re-package your medications so that you don’t have to worry.

Want the traditional packaging? No problem. We offer vials, pill boxes, unit dose packaging as well.

Consultation, Prior Authorizations, Refills, Language Assistance

At PharmCo, we understand that accessing and understanding your medications can be complicated. We strive to take these burdens off of your shoulders. We communicate directly with your doctor and your insurance company to get you the medications you need at the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost. Our team of highly trained technicians and pharmacists will walk you through your medication protocol, your insurance benefits, and costs to make sure you are well informed and are in the best position to stick to your recovery and wellness program. Need language assistance? PharmCo representatives can provide support in English, Spanish, French, Creole, Russian, and Lithuanian.

PharmCo at Home: In-home Consultation and Pharmaceutical Triage

The PharmCo team understands that for some of our patients, taking medications as prescribed can be a difficult task. We want to help ensure that all of our patients get the most out of their health care to receive the maximum benefit from their specific therapies. If you or your loved one is struggling to comply with your specific medication routine, ask the following questions:

  • Are you or your loved one confused about which medications to take, when to take them, and/or how much of each one to take?
  • Do you have many different prescription bottles, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins and supplements all being stored and mixed together in one place?
  • Are some of your medications expired, unnecessary, or perhaps no longer needed or recommended for you or your loved one?
  • Are you or your loved one having difficulty taking your prescribed medications due to physical obstacles within your home, or because you or your loved one suffer from mobility challenges?
  • Do you or your loved one simply no longer wish to take the medication prescribed to you?
  • Is your loved one struggling with medication side effects?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please Contact Us.

PharmCo will send a qualified, trained pharmacy professional to you or your loved one´s home to assess any risks or challenges for the patient and family. Our team will then make recommendations on how to address these risks, assist with comprehension of the personal care plan, reduce obstacles to medication access, and offer help with the removal of all non-beneficial medications from the home. We will also communicate our discoveries from our review, as well as any needs or concerns of the patient, directly to your physician so that the doctor can make any necessary adjustments.

Tele-PharmCo: Live Digital Pharmacy Window

With Tele-Pharmco, we bring our pharmacy to you. Using the latest technology, we get you speaking with our staff and managing all your pharmacy needs quickly and conveniently! Everything you would expect from our local pharmacy without having to go there - with the personal touch you have grown accustomed to receiving from us.


PharmCo offers a wide range of retail healthcare products from over-the-counter medicines, Vitamins and Supplements to Wound Care Supplies and Durable Medical Equipment. Our products are specially sourced to be high quality, natural, and/or kosher and halal certified to meet the needs of our patients. All of our products are available for FREE delivery to South Florida residents, no minimum purchase necessary.


If you are experiencing adverse reactions or have questions about your medication therapy, please contact us! Have button that displays the following information when clicked:

By Email:

By Fax: 305-945-8098

By Phone: 888-919-7411 (Toll Free)

Pamela Roberts, PharmD, Ext 210

Momina Karapetyan, RPH Compounding, Ext 228

By Mail:
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