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We have partnered with Bonum Health to provide timely online medical care through its telemedicine platform. Use discount code PCBH1022 when creating your account for the telemedicine portal.

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Get rapid treatment for most common conditions including

Don't let a cold/flu stop you. Get in touch with a physician to get the boost you need.
Rash/skin infections
Get in touch with a dermatology expert to address your skin condition
Migraine affects around 10% of people worldwide. Get medical support to treat this uncomfortable condition.
Contraceptive methods
Get your desired contraceptive method prescribed and delivered discretely to you
Ear pain
Ear infections can develop in a short spawn causing intense pain. Get checked by a physician online
Erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone. Get treatment to overcome this condition.
Urinary tract infections can come without notice and get worse if gone untreated. Get checked now
COVID-19 has completely redefined the way we live. Get tested and treated now if you have symptoms
*Additional conditions can be found here