Where do I get rapid covid testing in Miami?

Get rapid PCR testing in Miami

Where do I get rapid covid testing in Miami?

PharmcoRx Pharmacy, a leader in medication delivery in Florida has been providing rapid testing options for travelers at 901 North Miami Beach Blvd. Patients are now able to schedule a same-day visit and get results within 60 minutes for $149. Other testing options include PCR testing with results by 6:30 pm for $99, covid antigen test for $79, and antibody test for $49.

I am traveling soon, are there sites offering rapid covid testing for travelers in Miami accepted by airlines?

Many destinations are now requiring PCR test to enter. Our patient portal offers an easy way to manage all your results from your phone including a QR code for verification purposes.

Depending on the airline, these are the three most common ways proof of PCR test is requested. Printed results; usually with a signature from a physician or pharmacist. Ask your Pharmco Pharmacist to sign and stamp your results if required. PDF results; these will be provided through the patient portal. You can create an account before your visit and let your pharmacist know your name and date of birth so they can assign the results to your existing profile. Our mission is to deliver rapid reliable service while offering a flexible approach to the patient needs.

What is the average turnaround time for COVID testing in Miami?

While most locations including urgent cares, chain pharmacies and other test sites offer PCR results, patients face the uncertainty of not knowing exactly when the results will come. At PharmcoRx we offer all our patients the option to get results in 60 minutes for $149, and by 6:30 pm on the same day for only $99.

Is this rapid PCR test accepted by cruises?

Yes, most Cruise Lines are now accepting testing performed at local pharmacy locations. However, Cruise lines are not accepting any type of self performed test including antigen, or PCR.

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